NBC “Dateline NBC” First Unit - & Multi-camera – 10 years
PBS "Frontline" Series. “The New Asylums”
VH 1

"All Access" show segments - First Unit

Food Network Multiple series since network inception
HBO “Real Sports” interviews
ABC "Primetime Live" & "20 20" News Magazine programming.
Nickelodeon “Nick News - Nick Jr:” segments.

PBS - WNET Documentary: School Funding in the U.S. (working title)
BET “Teen Summit” & Jazz Scene”
HGTV – HD “Designer Finals” multiple programs
A&E Networks “Modern Marvels”, “American Justice”
Harpo Productions Harpo Productions “The Oprah Winfrey Show” HD field pieces
Showtime "Penn & Teller Bulls**t" comedy field pieces.
CBC “The Health Show” documentaries
Disney / Buena Vista “Mickey Mouse club”
Paramount “Sightings - Extra Terrestrial” "Dr. Phil" field pieces
History Channel - AMC “History -vs- Hollywood” documentaries, HD recreations
UPN “I'm still Alive” re-creation / docu-drama segments
Discovery Channel “Discovery Canada” multiple segments.
National Geographic HD Transplant surgery documentary
BBC "The Saturday show" - N'Sync visit
Comedy Central “The Daily Show” comedy field pieces
KAOS Entertainment Mega Machines
Te’lle’vision Suisse “Swiss Tv Air Safety” Documentary
NBC Today Show segments - tape & live
Discovery People Channel “Beach Patrol” - 30 min. doc. "Balloon man" helium balloon doc.
CNN “Business Journal” & News Features, Lifestyle pieces, Celebrity.
CBC NHL - Columbus Blue Jackets, Sat feeds & double enders.
CBS Productions “History Undercover” for History Channel
MSNBC “Headliners & Legends” series, Rita Cosby, Abrams, Hardball, Countdown.
ABC "Good Morning America" "World News Tonight"
PBS NewsHour with Jim Lehrer
Unsolved Mysteries Stylized program interviews and b roll.
Pro Sieben Network German national affairs program segments
The Travel Channel "Secrets of" show segments.
America's Most Wanted America’s Most Wanted “America’s Most Wanted” interviews, grab shots
Fine Living Network "Radical Sabbatical" series
Nickelodeon "Slime Time Live" segments
Starz / Encore Westerns Channel -special segments
BBC Documentary work - various
CMT “Country Music Showcase” – Dixie Chicks - CMT showcase
TLC "Scene of the Crime" One hour documentaries
Court TV Forensic Files. Crime recreation show.
Lifetime Television “Intimate Portrait” shows & segments
  KOS Entertainment "In Search of..." segments &- re-crees.
  Police Videos show Paul Stojanovich Productions
  DIY Network - Scripps “Cool Tools” Handyman series
  A.N.D. Entertainment Bachelor / Bachelorette / Rich Guy  Poor Guy - Reality Shows.

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