Nike Product Mfr. video for suppliers
Pepsi Franchisee interviews for promotions
Kraft Foods

Meeting opener video

Goodyear Inc. Communications Systems- Marketing
Scotts Scotts SMT - Satellite Media Tours
IBM "Customer advocate" interviews
Abbott Labs Nursing Home staff training" videos

Honda of America “Acura Kickoff" Meeting opening video
Hewlett Packard Quarterly employee videos
Toshiba Software training / launch
Campbell's Soup Proprietary software training segment
Bank One Training & Motivational videos

O.S.U. Medical Center

Physician & staff recruiting videos
Key Bank News Magazine - quarterly
Cisco Systems In Chord IP Telephony - roll out video
Nationwide Credit Employee Orientation video
Riverside Hospital Employee motivation & awards videos
Dow Jones Interviews & speeches via Sat. up-link
Huntington Banks Quarterly employee communications
Coca Cola "Bottler update" Magazine segments
Abbott Abbott Laboratories VNR library B roll for crisis mgt.
The Limited Fashion shows - motivational tapes
American Express Board member video - Image Mag.
AFL-CIO Meetings, rally's and internal communications
College of Wooster Student recruiting video
Home Depot TV Home Depot 100th Store G.O.
Grange Insurance Agent communications
Columbus Blue Jackets Community development video pcs.
Discover Card Financial Services Co., G.O.
Victoria Secret Product introduction communications
Frito Lay Cracker Jacks VNR.
BMC Software Goodyear client Company Merge Video

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