Crew and equipment full day rates are based on 10 hours portal to portal.   Within ten to fourteen hours, overtime is charged at one and one half times the hourly rate for crew and equipment.   Double time is charged after fourteen hours.  A minimum of a 30 minute scheduled lunch is required and included  “on the clock”  per ten hours.  An additional thirty minute meal break is required after ten hours,  before twelve hours, on the clock. Other break times thereafter, or length of breaks can be negotiated with the crew.

A one half day rate is based on five hours portal to portal. After five hours a full day rate will be charged for crew time.

All of the above rates do not include sales tax* (if applicable).  All rates are portal to portal locally and portal to portal if traveling**.  All travel and lodge expenses, vehicle mileage, flight costs, meal per diem costs and other “out of pocket” expenses are additional and/or available by bid.

Video, lighting and sound equipment rental, lease, shipping, or insurance rates are billed separately from "services" rates.  Please call for more details, or for a “package” rate.

Any cancellation or postponement less than 24 hours on the business day prior to a scheduled shoot, 100% of full rate will be charged.  A cancellation or postponement 24-48 hours prior to shoot day,  50% of full rate will be charged.  When a cancellation occurs, we will make every attempt to "re-book the crew time and equipment,  which can result in a recovery of the cancellation fee. 

All Accounts and/or invoices are payable on receipt unless other arrangements have been made prior to time of booking.   All accounts and/or invoices that are past due beyond the customer's terms are subject to an additional 2% per month (24% per year) service charge with a $3.00 statement fee.  Out of town customers are C.O.D. and/or subject to credit approval before shoot tapes, media, or other materials will be released to the Field Producer or their agent.

These terms are subject to change without notice at any time by Scott Winters Production Services, Inc.  and/or it's subcontractors, or agents.

* An approximate 6% Sales tax is charged in Ohio for all costs associated with the shoot day.  Note: If we shoot the tapes here, and hand them to the producer to carry away in state, out of state, or country, Sales tax is due.  If the shoot tapes, media and or materials are shipped out of state, no sales tax is required by the State of Ohio.  An exemption certificate is available, if you qualify as tax exempt in Ohio.  Call or email for a copy of this form.

**Transportation:  In general, if you are coming to Ohio from out of town, make arrangements for local transportation.  Our crew vehicle is loaded with lighting/Sound/Grip gear with all the extras. With limited space, our vehicle will accommodate one driver and one additional  person. Thank you.

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