Scott has been very fortunate in his career to have worked with some of the best producers in the world.   This collaboration is very special, quite rewarding and creates terrific programs.

Many of his customers have been kind enough to write a warm testimonial, or shared an award.   Take a look.

“….the footage from Monday looks great, thanks for all the running around that day. The interview looks fantastic, I meant to thank you at the time for your speediness in setting it up.
- PJ Hanley PBS, RE Newsweekly

I've always known what a first rate DP you are, but I am really impressed with your editing skills! My clients are absolutely thrilled with the finished piece! Once again, thanks for making me look good!
- Laura Chapnick, Independent Producer

... (Scott) I can't thank you enough for your efforts and hard work on the Rocket Power shoot! Your willingness to go the extra mile and offer input were greatly appreciated! The footage looks great, which resulted in more than enough for our spots!
- Bill Smythe, Nickelodeon Network

“... the interviews are beautifully lit.....” “and I am especially happy with the energy and variety of the b-roll, which is critical to our show...” “...Many thanks.”
- Jo Ann Porter, Producer, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr.

“...he grasped what was required immediately and delivered it with elegant efficiency. Working with Scott was a pleasure and a privilege. And I am certain that anyone else having the opportunity would agree.”
- Kathryn Oughtred, History Channel, Canada

"Everything looks great. Thanks for everything. It was a great crew professionally and personally."
- Loraine Joseph, M-TV Networks.

Scott is both a consummate professional and an accomplished videographer, as well as a joy to work with. He does much more than take pictures - he is a team member who works in conjunction with the producer to contribute to the creative process.
- Wayne Barbin, Newsweek Productions

(Scott) You and your crew were very good and extremely professional. Great attention to detail and I appreciate it very much
- Alan Cohen, NBC News.

...I hope you have a chance to catch (the show). Your footage looks great. Thanks again! All the best!
- Dan Levitt, The History Channel

It was a shot in the arm to work with you Scott. (We) enjoyed the fresh perspective and the collaboration that we shared. Thanks, too for your diplomacy.
- Tim Tarulli, Tarulli Productions, Inc.

...I'm sure you don't need me to tell you this, but your camerawork was great. In the words of my editor: "We wanted for nothing"
- Cindy Bahadur, The Discovery Channel

(Scott) You've helped us with some challenging projects... on behalf of all of us at Crewscontrol, thank you for representing the best in our industry.
- Andrea Keating, CEO. Crewscontrol.

The footage from Farm Aid was great and I really want to thank you for your professionalism, your innovation... and hard work. Everything looked and sounded wonderful, so thank you again.
- Robin Richardson Producer - CMT Country Music Television

Cooking Club with creative interviews and a smorgasbord of b-roll....leaving a great variety to choose from ... ...You served up one hot dish
- Ivanhoe Broadcast News Service - Editors Choice Award

....all in all (Scott) you brought professionalism and good eye to the project, my editor and I enjoyed cutting the piece.
- Barry Kaufman, MD., Producer: VNR Journal of the AMA:

…The video production was unveiled at our annual meeting and received rave reviews. Again thanks for your excellence in service and timely product delivery. Job well done.
- Denise Wolf, VP Nationwide Insurance FCU

I’ve just logged and edited the footage you shot for me and am very happy with both the look and amount of coverage I have….. I’m especially happy with the energy and variety of the B-roll, which is critical to our show.
- Jo Ann Porter. Lucky Duck – Nickelodeon

…our footage looks terrific and the client is pleased. Thanks for going the extra mile to create energy and excitement in a rather static environment. It really saved us in the edit.
- Andy Muhl Producer – Hill & Knowlton

(Scott Winters)…. Excellent work. Good lighting , framing, movement. Steady shots, right angles, everything I want in video. You got everything I want and on time. If you travel ever…. Call me when you come to NY or other major cities.
- Meena K. Bloomberg TV

…(the client) was sooo appreciative for your kindness and ability to get results. She attributed the success of the shoot in large measure to your excellent abilities.
- Gail Sutton – Unysis

… footage looks and sounds great. Thanks again for your work.
- Mike Brock – Maple Leafs

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